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Mission & Vision

Our mission is adhered to quality standards to provide foreign domestic worker services by rendering an excellent maid employment service to our clients.

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Our Commitment

We are extremely committed to provide our clients highly trained maids for optimal productivity and efficiency in the performance of work.

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Our Training

We recognize that the people are our utmost asset in this type of business. Hence, we selected candidates from the states of India and Sri Lanka to be transferred to our training centers for concentrated training.

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We give comfort while choosing your Maid!

Our agency reinforces a bridge between the employer and the maids.!
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    Oly Employment Agency offers clients only the best Foreign Domestic Worker services since May 16, 2012. As one of the top maid employment agencies, we provide comprehensive services to assist our clients in employing qualified maids with good character. We help in easy process of work permit application, insurance, security bond, medical screening, travel arrangement, and other requirements.

    For our customers’ convenience, we also offer onsite training directly done at home. The onsite training’s advantage is that we can adapt our training program to our customers’ requirements and needs. Hence, our primary objective is to be able to provide reliable and quality domestic household services according to the needs of each family within India and Sri Lanka. As we believe, our service should be firm and focused to deliver quality service and provide quality life for every customer that come to us for highly trained maids.

    We are very much aware of India’s home environment as well as the needs of each employer. Our agency reinforces a bridge between the employer and the maids. The employer and maid’s good tracking record amicably serves as solution for each need and problem so that we can attend to them immediately. Through understanding the maid’s psychology and proper awareness of homeland India, we are very much dedicated to produce foreign and domestic workers such as maids in the parts of India and Sri Lanka as well.

    We are located in Singapore and are placing maids from India (Punjab, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andra, etc) and Sri Lanka.

Oly Employment Agency services

  • Domestic maids and workers placement
  • Renewal and cancellation
  • Renewal and cancellation
  • Transfer domestic maids and workers
  • Issuance online
  • WP online
  • Full documentation
  • S-PASS or E-PASS Application