Our Expertise

Oly Employment Agency is committed to give exceptional customer services and our highly professional and well trained staff aims nothing but to deliver satisfying service through Foreign Domestic Worker services. We are glad to assist our clients with their needs in terms of maid employment with great training background. Hence, the following are the services included in our agency:

Oly Employment Agency services

      • Domestic maids and workers placement
      • Renewal and cancellation
      • Renewal and cancellation
      • Transfer domestic maids and workers
        • Issuance online
        • WP online
        • Full documentation
        • S-PASS or E-PASS Application

Other Services

The Employer’s Orientation Program is conducted within 3 hours to provide employers ample information about employing foreign domestic workers. Employers who will employ FDWs for the first time must attend the EOP before they can submit the FDW’s work employment. The training can be done at home where trainers will go to the house of the trainees to conduct the training.

Setting-in program or the SIP must be attended by all first time FDWs before they can start to work with their employers. The medical is a prerequisite for all FDWs for them to be able to start to work in Singapore. The employer will be responsible for the medical expenses incurred by the FDW.

Domestic maids and workers placement – Placement of domestic maids and workers in Singapore come from India and Sri Lanka. They are highly trained before the placement.

Renewal and cancellation – Renewal of work permit is sent two months before the WP of FDW expires. It can be renewed within 30 days before its expiration through WP online. MOM requires the collection of new WP card and purchased of $5000 security bond. When the FDW is terminated within the WP validity period or the WP expires through WP online, the cancellation of WP is needed.

Transfer domestic maids and workers – Candidates from India and Sri Lanka are personally interviewed in our agency located in Singapore. Within 3 working days, work permit can be processed.

Issuance online – Application done through WP online or manual application are issued online and WP online – Application of WP through WP online.

Full documentation – It includes the letter of notification to bring FDW to Singapore, the FDW’s passport, and a copy of the FDW’s educational certificate. Also, it refers to all the necessary requirements that are needed with WP.

S-PASS or E-PASS Application – The Employment Pass is a work pass for foreign professionals to another country. Mid-level skilled foreigners need to apply for an S Pass in order to work in Singapore. Applicants are assessed through multiple criteria and points system.

We are placing maids from states in India (Punjab, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andra, etc) and Sri Lanka who are trained after having qualified in the screening. They are highly trained to match the task and environment where they will be working for a certain period of time. We are also reliable on the vouching of these candidates for our clients so that they will be assured that these well trained foreign and domestic workers are fit and will be able to perform their duties well in the expected time schedule.