Welcome To Oly Employment Agency

N Manimekalai (Rani) B.Sc., proprietor of Oly Employment Agency, already have 16 years of experience in the field of maid employment. As an agency, started on May 16, 2012 located in Singapore, we are highly specialized for maid employment. We are extremely committed to provide our clients highly trained maids for optimal productivity and efficiency in the performance of work. We are also proud to produce foreign and domestic workers who have good moral character and fit to work so that our employer’s standards will be met.

Mrs. Rani, as she resides in many states of India, she already knew the sentiments of the homeland India. She is also well-versed in English, Tamil, Hindi, and Malayalam, to fully understand the maid’s psychology. As a citizen of Singapore, she knew the employers need and home environment in such place. As a nutshell, the agency becomes a bridge between the employers and the maids provided with good tracking records with both the maids and the employers amicably solve their needs and problems for us to attend to them immediately.

Why Oly Employment?

Oly Employment Agency is placing maids from India (Punjab, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andra, etc) and Sri Lanka. We have grown to become one of the best and largest maid employment agencies around the world. 

We also take pride in offering professional foreign domestic worker services. This indicates our commitment to achieve higher productivity, professionalism, and excellent standard of service to provide well-trained FDW for our clients.

With our primary objective to provide quality and reliable domestic household services to meet every household needs, we are indeed a well-trusted maid employment agency in the industry.

Oly Employment Agency services

        • Domestic maids and workers placement
        • Renewal and cancellation
        • Renewal and cancellation
        • Transfer domestic maids and workers
                • Issuance online
                • WP online
                • Full documentation
                • S-PASS or E-PASS Application